4 Richardson TX Dining Establishments That Are Top Notch

Richardson TX is full of restaurants, and I’ve helped you discover some of them already, 12 to be exact. Yet with almost 400 of them, I decided to highlight four more. Whatever cuisine you are hungry for, you’re likely to find what you want in Richardson TX. Here is your short guide to four more of the best dining establishments in the city.

In a previous article, I highlighted a Mediterranean buffet style restaurant. I figured that would be the only one of its kind. I was wrong. This first restaurant looks like an outstanding choice, too, and it is also a buffet. It is called Kabobi Fresh Mediterranean, and its location is off of the South Central Expressway. This establishment is said to feature a great selection of salads according to the reviews.

Chiloso Mexican Bistro is another great pick, and its location is 700 East Campbell Road. If you read the other articles about restaurants in Richardson, you are familiar with Campbell Road. This restaurant is a great place to pick up those breakfast tacos that you are craving. You can customize your order, kind of like Chipotle the reviewers say. It is making me hungry for breakfast tacos and Mexican cuisine in general.

What about Italian food? Piada Italian Street Food is certainly an interesting pick. Located at 1551 East Renner Road, Piada Italian Street Food is a popular lunch spot. People say it’s like an Italian Subway or Chipotle. So these last two restaurants are similar to each other, yet unique in their own ways. This restaurant is cafeteria style, and you’re going to enjoy the unique take on Italian food.

If you’re wanting to experience Italian food the way you’re used to, then you might want to also stop by Aboca’s Italian Grill. The food and service are both said to be excellent. Be sure to ask about the specials. You are certainly going to get your fill of Italian food with the last two picks.

Don’t forget about the first two restaurants after you are now focused on Italian cuisine. And don’t forget about Texas barbecue either. You now have four more picks for Richardson TX restaurants and 16 total. That’s going to mean you’re eating good whether you make it to them all or not. Pick one for now, and see if you don’t have the best meal you’ve had in a long time.